We have neglected the truth that a good farmer is a craftsman of the highest order, a kind of artist.
— Wendell Berry

It was two years ago this Summer that we traded in our urban address for one with a distinct rural feel.  With a head and heart full of dreams we jumped in.  We have been getting comfortable ever since.

I can say honestly that it has taken longer than I thought it would.  In retrospect that should have been expected.  It's just that our leap was something we had been dreaming and scheming about for so many years.  Which I realize now was not to mean that we didn't have to put the time and energy into make it our own.

There was virtually no growing season that first Summer, save for a few pots of herbs on the deck.  As I spent my days absorbed in the task of setting up our home my thoughts wandered outdoors.  And a vision for all that would happen here began to form.

Summer 2016, despite the crazy drought conditions saw the first harvest this land has seen in years.  

This coming year we hope to grow more.  Enough to sell locally.  Both in town and from the homestead door. If you are interested in updates on goings-on and availability feel free to sign up on our Contact page.