As it goes

Quiet, slow days are now officially on hiatus until further notice.

Life is returning to normal after creating a new and better suited to us kind of space. Since last Friday I have spent all spare minutes focussed on wrapping things up inside as the outside is now calling loud and clear.


I relented on my promise to myself that I would paint all the ceiling bits first. Half got done. Half will wait until somewhere down the line. Perhaps when things quiet down once again. 

Because frankly, when the outside starts to call it is best to listen.




Weekend business

I can feel the slow and sleepy days of Winter beginning to take their leave. Quiet times of planning and thought are giving way to calls of action. 

Tapping trees. Starting seeds. Sewing clothes.

Despite what any calendar tells me, these are the signs that mark the start of Spring.


With these new possibilities of how to spend a weekend creeping in - a sense of urgency to finish up the old projects of Winter has arrived. 

With this interior door now removed, cutting lists and parts needed to finish this aging project are now in circulation. We are nothing if not slow and steady.


Safe in the understanding that the next few months will be nothing short of a blur, I am trying to hold myself to sewing something new each week. This in preparation for The Art of Dressing - a show that marks my entrance into the world of making clothes for others.  A challenge that I meet with equal parts excitement and trepidation.

Wishing you all the best of weeks.