Weekend business

I can feel the slow and sleepy days of Winter beginning to take their leave. Quiet times of planning and thought are giving way to calls of action. 

Tapping trees. Starting seeds. Sewing clothes.

Despite what any calendar tells me, these are the signs that mark the start of Spring.


With these new possibilities of how to spend a weekend creeping in - a sense of urgency to finish up the old projects of Winter has arrived. 

With this interior door now removed, cutting lists and parts needed to finish this aging project are now in circulation. We are nothing if not slow and steady.


Safe in the understanding that the next few months will be nothing short of a blur, I am trying to hold myself to sewing something new each week. This in preparation for The Art of Dressing - a show that marks my entrance into the world of making clothes for others.  A challenge that I meet with equal parts excitement and trepidation.

Wishing you all the best of weeks.



Of Field

With the arrival of seed order #2 and the noticeable lengthening of days, February begins the slow change from wool to seed as my medium. 


Although my business plan may seem haphazard to many - upon reflection farm and wool work are complementary pursuits. Two halves that fit together and make a whole homestead year.


The warm sun shining in my window. The rhythmic drip of icicles melting off the roof. The increasing yellow hue on the goldfinches at our feeders. 

All cues to the arrival of the next season. 

All signs that make it difficult to wait for. 

Living in this reality doesn't often feel like work. It feels like the life I was meant to live. One that is not without it's challenges - but one that is true to me.

Happy Monday!




This post is about those that for one reason or another I could not part with. Creative process is such an interesting beast. As someone who creates, I invest all of myself into each piece I work on. As near as I can tell, my process always begins with the same intention. 

And yet. Some pieces seem to create themselves as if I am not anything but the medium. Others leave me feeling not fully satisfied I achieved my desired result, regardless of how much I put in.


This was the first blanket I ever made. It was never intended as a piece for sale. This was created for the sole purpose of keeping my littlest (then 2 years old) cozy and warm on our daily walks in Winter. There is so much of me wrapped up in this blanket - my hopes, my heart, my ideas and now my memories. It will never be sold. 


I am hard pressed to put to words why this one is a keeper. The cuteness factor is undeniable - toadstools and birds to my mind can melt the hardest of hearts.

But, the physical sadness that washed over me when it almost made it's way to the sale side of the equation surprised me. It was heartbreak pure and simple. I pretty much snatched it out of a customers hands when she opted for another pattern. 


And this piece. The jury is out on whether it is finished or not. But man, I am so so so proud of how the sky blends with the Springtime meadow in this one. I knew as soon as I was finished felting it that it would never leave. The struggle to find a frame that is worthy is real. For now it lives carefully wrapped so as not to attract the wandering eye of any wool moths.

Hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to take on the week. If it helps at all the calendar tells me we are halfway through January. Not quite the homestretch to Spring, but something worth noting.