In the few years that we have called this spot home, it has occurred to me more than once that I wish we had started this particular adventure years earlier.  Perhaps at no time is this sentiment more obvious than when talk turns to the planting of trees.  The rewards of such processes are not noticed within the timeframe of a growing season, as I am used to with the vegetable garden experience.  In fact, it is a process that requires me to do math involving numbers that find me a good deal older than I am right now.  There is no instant gratification when it comes to a forest.

This gesture however, the act of planting trees, balances out the seasonal display of vegetable and flower gardening.  I think that at it's core, it is a gesture of hope.  An act that firmly states a belief of the inherent good in the world.   

With a strong belief in the importance of sustainable forestry practices and woodlot management we hope to increase our skills and equipment to allow for the harvesting and processing of trees for firewood.

Our property came to us with a very old, but functioning sugar shack and wood-fired evaporator.  Spring 2016 marked our first foray into the world of turning sap to syrup.  As we head into Spring 2019 small adjustments will allow for a more streamlined approach and hopefully small batches of syrup for sale.